Lokayan is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to heritage conservation and the revival and promotion of handicrafts, folk arts and practices of cultural importance.

Lokayan (which translates as "dialogue among people") was registered in 1996-97 in Bikaner and brought together the energies of several performing artists, historians and visual artists deeply committed to the documentation of the culture of this northwest district of Rajasthan.

In the past, Lokayan has worked on audio documentation of Bhopa artists, cultural surveys of the Bikaner region, listing of folk artists, video documentation of performing arts, oral history of Bikaner, conservation efforts for the historic havelis and raising awareness about the heritage of Bikaner amongst school children and youth. In 2011-2013, with the support of the Kabir Project in Bangalore, Lokayan worked with singers of the mystic baani tradition in this region, recorded with 8 artists, produced their CDs, published booklets of the bhajans, organized the Rajasthan Kabir Yatra of 2012 and the Bikaner Vaani Sammellan in 2013.